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Pebble Steel Unboxing!

Finally got the Pebble Steel! I think I’m probably amongst the first in the world to receive it. Haven’t seen any posts on reddit or anywhere for that matter.

IMG_0191 (Large)

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Why I keep going back to the iPhone

Despite what most people think, I love Android. I really do. I love almost everything about it, when you own a Nexus device, it’s pretty much one of the best phones you can buy. But if you’ve read my blog post on the¬†transition from iOS to ICS, you may realise that it’s incomplete.

Why is it incomplete you ask? Well, it’s because I went back to my iPhone. In fact, I went back to a now almost 2 year old, iPhone 4.

It’s hard to point out why I can go back to a 2 year old device, when the Galaxy Nexus was such a perfect phone, except of course for the size. Despite what everyone things, bigger isn’t really better.

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Does Vodafone really care?


If you live in Mumbai, you’re one of two people. Either, you’ve been on Vodafone all your life, or you’re one of those who wanted Vodafone since a while but wouldn’t go for it because it was too expensive.

Nothing changed when Vodafone released it’s shiny new 3G Service. It was expensive, Rs.850 for 3GB? That sounded like madness at the time. Right?.. Wrong.

I thought the price was perfect. Why? This may sound callous, but it meant that the options above, stayed true. You either preferred Vodafone because it had priced itself higher than the competitors or you stayed away due to the price being too high.

People like me, willing to pay a marginally higher price for their magnificent network in Mumbai, profited. We got amazing 3G coverage and strength. The connection would never let you down. Always fast, always eager to refresh Twitter or Download that top 10 app. This holds true for even their 2G Network. It’s simply the best in Mumbai. If you want a reliable network for calls and texts, Vodafone can be your only choice in Mumbai. Nothing comes close.

Vodafone seemingly always cared about it’s customers, which made you believe that you’re spending your hard earned money wisely. Their “Power to You” campaign, seemed to reinforce that thought. Again, wrong.

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Mobile Phones Technology

The transition from iOS to ICS. (iPhone to Galaxy Nexus)

Consider this a mini-blog on a switch which well, I’m trying to do. I’m writing this everyday and making updates when I have something to tell you guys, so please be patient. =)

Firstly, I’m quite invested in iOS, so that makes this switch even harder. ICS though, has given me an onus to switch.

Android wasn’t anywhere as good as iOS to this iteration. Yes, hurl abuse to me for that if you want. But it simply is the case. Android 4.0 is miles ahead of even Gingerbread (2.3), and it comes close to iOS on being polished.


1]¬†Size: The first thing you notice about the Galaxy Nexus is the size. It’s simply huge.


Galaxy Nexus vs. iPhone 4S (Photo courtesy

It’s possibly too big. I have a few pants, where the Galaxy Nexus simply won’t fit into my pocket. Even though its quite a bit smaller than the Galaxy Note, you can’t get over how big it is. 4.65″ was possibly a bad idea by Samsung/Google. I would have been much happier with 4.3″ (including the onscreen buttons) to make it more like the size of the Nexus S, which is possibly the most perfectly sized phone, I have ever held.

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Hello (again) world!

Unfortunately, my old blog ran into some issues when I shifted web hosts and some of my really good content was lost.. but well, I look forward to creating some more good content for you guys to read!